Acetech Bifrost Review

Build Quality and Durability 97%
Features 98%
Illumination & Effects 94%
Price 85%
Ease of Use 90%
✅ Cool looking❌ Not the cheapest tracer unit out there
✅ Compact, lightweight❌ May require users to read manual before using
✅ Durable CNC aluminum construction
✅ Water resistant
✅ Excellent tracer functionality
✅ Tons of cool features
✅ Rainbow and RGB Flame effect
✅ Good battery life
✅ Low battery indicator, sleep mode

Acetech is a leading and respected manufacturer of airsoft tracer units and their Bifrost model has gotten a lot of attention since its release.

Small, lightweight, flexible and feature-filled, the device seems like it ticks every box a user might want when it comes to a tracer.

To find out if it’s really worth your time and money, however, we decided to take a closer look for ourselves. 


Length3.1 inches (81 mm)
Width1.18 inches (30 mm)
Weight2.15 oz (61 g)
Construction CNC aluminum 
SettingsFlame, Tracer

Acetech Bifrost Design and Build Quality

picture of acetech bifrost unboxed

On the whole, the Acetech Bifrost is pretty well-designed and put together. 

The tracer unit itself is sheathed in a highly durable CNC aluminum casing that features a pretty sweet-looking muzzle crown, which gives the Bifrost a notably aggressive styling that, frankly, makes it look a lot cooler and more distinctive than the many flat, can-shaped, mock-suppressor style options out there

Unscrew the crown and the tracer’s triple LED set up is revealed, which gives the gun its plethora of lighting options and modes, and users have free and easy access to the device’s power and mode switches and charging port.

close up picture of inside of acetech bifrost showing different modes, buttons and charging port

Now, it is important to mention that the Bifrost, in-line with most modern electronics today and perhaps as opposed to cheaper tracer units, runs on a lithium ion battery. 

The battery is charged via a standard USB-C cable, which is fairly ubiquitous and easy to find if you’re the type player who misplaces charging cables, and it does mean that you won’t have to carry spare batteries with you, which is nice.

On the downside, this means you will have to budget a couple hours (about 3) to charge the Acetech Bifrost and, of course, the battery is non-replaceable. 

When we handled it, we found the Bifrost to be very well put together. 

The device itself felt pretty solid in hand, being nicely screwed together, and although the internal buttons and switches are small they seemed properly installed and there was no sign of wiggle or looseness that we could see (although obviously you do want to be a bit more delicate when handling its internals). 

Interestingly enough, the Bifrost is actually water-resistant (there is a nice rubber O-ring beneath the crown), which, aside from adding a bit of extra protection from the elements allows, the device to be used with water-based gel BBs as well as traditional plastic 6mm ones. 

Consequently, the device can be used with both gel blasters and traditional airsoft guns, making it a bit more interesting for fans of both hobby sports and a particularly flexible option for those with mixed collections, as it can be freely swapped between gun types. 

To the rear, the Bifrost comes with a pretty standard 14mm thread, meaning it should be able to screw into most standard carbine, SMG and rifle CCW outer barrels without much of an issue, although certain platforms (notably older school airsoft AKs) may still need an adaptor for it. 

The device does come, interestingly enough, with a 11mm CW adaptor that allows it to fit onto pistols with barrels of that diameter, such as TM Hi Capas, certain WETechs and more. 

One thing to note is that guns mounting the Bifrost need to have their threading less than 10mm from the end of the gun or the device won’t align correctly and will give off an noticeable series of beeps before eventually shutting down. 

In terms of its overall dimensions, the Acetech Bifrost is, at just over 3 inches long and weighing only a couple ounces, a fairly compact and lightweight barrel-mounted tracer unit. 

As a result, it doesn’t add any real significant weight or extra length to the front end of an airsoft gun, which should keep things nicely balanced. 

Although all this means the Bifrost perhaps loses a bit of its intimidation factor compared to, say, a 6-inch AT1000, these dimensions do make it t more useful for CQB or maneuvering around tight quarters and far less of an over-the-top option for airsoft pistols, pistol carbines and smaller SMGs. 


Where the Acetech Bifrost really stands out as an airsoft tracer unit is in its rather extensive set of features. 

The Bifrost is actually a dual-function tracer unit. 

It has a traditional tracer function, which means it can use its bright LEDs to “charge” glow in the dark BBs and allow players to track their path, much like real steel tracer fire.

picture of acetech bifrost in action as tracer unit

In tracer mode, the Bifrost has two modes users can choose from – a traditional tracer mode, where every glow in the dark BB fired gets a good dose of light, illuminating each shot, and a so-called sniper mode. 

We say so-called sniper mode because, once set to this, the Bifrost will illuminate every 3rd shot or so, which isn’t exactly something that most players relying on stealth and quiet positioning will really want to be doing. 

That said, it can be a very interesting option for machine gun players, as it closely simulates real steel tracer bullet placement in a belt (usually every 4th or 5th shot or so) and can add a great deal of realism to play.

The Acetech Bifrost also can be set to flame effect, where it simulates the muzzle flash of a real steel firearm by sending out a beam of light after every shot, illuminating BBs from behind. 

Aside from looking cool and adding a touch of realism to games, this flame effect allows those using the Bifrost to better track the flightpath of regular plastic BBs in dark conditions (for at least a few feet) as the light beam does not require a fluorescent coating.  

Being able to enjoy the device with traditional airsoft ammo can provide users with greater flexibility and ease of use and can help lower cost per game a bit, which is always nice. 

The Bifrost also offers a number of different options when it comes to the types of flame it puts out, with seven colors to choose from, including: 

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Green 
  • Blue 
  • Pink 
  • And purple

These different colors can allow users to really personalize their BB output and can actually be pretty helpful in distinguishing team members in a dark game, which is useful.

Interestingly, the Bifrost also comes with a couple modes to take advantage of all these colors. 

There is a RGB mode, which combines (as the name might imply) Red Green and Blue to make a solid, tri-colored illuminating beam behind any fired BB.

There is a “demo” mode, which rotates between colors every 5 or so shots and a “dynamic” mode that cycles through the colors every ½ second or so.

The mode the Bifrost is most well-known for, however, is its “Rainbow Mode.”

Once selected, the devices uses its 3 LED system to put out a gradient beam that includes all of its possible colors. 

close up picture of acetech bifrost firing rainbow flame

Yes, the Acetech Bifrost literally can shoot rainbows.

While perhaps not every player necessarily wants to make such a bold statement in a game, firing off rainbows at your opponent is actually a pretty hilarious and fun option that we feel is certainly worth a try.


Acetech is one of the leading manufacturers of tracer units in airsoft and, in our opinion, the Bifrost certainly lives up to the company’s reputation. 

When we put it to the test, the device worked quite well in its main tracer function, quickly lighting up fluorescent BBs and, perhaps more importantly, letting them stay lit up for a good few seconds after leaving the barrel, giving players a nice bright arc to follow even longer distances.

The Bifrost is also fairly reliable when it comes to fluorescing BBs.

The device’s LED system will light individual BBs passing by up to a rate of about 35 RPS (a bit more than many competitors, which tend to top out around 30 or so RPS), making it a pretty solid option for the majority of airsoft guns, with the possible exception of some custom AEG and more high speed DSG builds

As a tracer unit, the Bifrost supports green tracer and gel blaster BBs and does so quite nicely, although it doesn’t support red tracer BBs, which is something users should consider. 

In flame mode, the gun puts out a bright and solid beam of light that also reflects off of and surrounds each BB fired.

Regardless of color (or color combination) used, the Bifrost’s beam is quite visible in the dark and extends a good 2 or 3 from the end of the gun, which is pretty cool to see in action, and if the BB fired is also a tracer, it will light up green making a kind of cool double glow effect. 

The Bifrost is capable of being used on spring, AEGs and GBBs, which gives it added flexibility for those with more extensive airsoft collections.

In fact, in our opinion we feel its flame mode did best with GBBs as gas outputted around the muzzle tended to make the light beam more visible. 

Battery Life and Power Efficiency

As we’ve mentioned, the Acetech Bifrost is powered by a lithium ion battery, rather than the usual AAA/AA batteries seen in some other devices. 

The unit takes about 3 hours to charge fully and actually lasts a decent amount of time given its compact size, getting around 24 000 shots on tracer and around 12 000 on flame. 

Helpfully, Acetech has fitted the device with a low power indicator, with its LED’s flashing yellow to let you know it needs to be plugged in. 

Interestingly, the Bifrost also comes with a “shake to wake” function, where the device will go into sleep mode after 5 minutes of inactivity and “wake up” when given a bit of a shake, something that can help users during longer games, periods of inactivity (e.g. during stalking or maneuvering) or if they’re just the type who forgets to turn things off now and again.

Acetech Bifrost User-Friendliness

On the whole, the Acetech Bifrost is fairly user friendly.

Underneath the muzzle crown, the device has its Flame and Mode buttons pretty clearly indicated, as well as a prominent (and protected) charging port. 

In general, users simply press the Mode button to cycle between tracer and sniper modes, while clicking the Flame button will cycle through the various different colors the device can put out, with the device giving users a helpful preview with each button. 

One thing to note is that, because there are a lot of functions that the device can deliver and only a couple buttons with which to control them (with the device flashing different sequences of white at times to acknowledge different choice), you do have to pay attention to what you are doing and it is probably helpful to read the device’s manual before getting serious with it.


Note: All prices correct as of writing, all prices in USD.

Although it depends on the retailer, for the most part you can pick up an Acetech Bifrost for just under $100, which puts it on the more premium end of airsoft tracer units in terms of price. 

That said, the device is quite durable, being made of CNC aluminum, water-resistant and well put-together, with all its components fitting together nicely and tightly. 

It also works very well with both standard, glow in the dark and water-based BBs and offers its users quite a few interesting options in terms of features, with several color options (including rainbow and RBG flames) and functional modes to choose from. 


Pros and Cons


Compact and lightweight

At only a couple inches long and weighing only a couple ounces, the Acetech Bifrost is highly compact and lightweight, making it easy to attach to airsoft guns of all sizes and without impacting their handling to any real degree. 


With a shell made of CNC aluminum rather than alloy or plastic, the Acetech Bifrost is pretty durable and should be able to take most of what an average airsoft game can throw at it without much issue. 

Water resistant 

The Acetech Bifrost is also water resistant, meaning it can not only stand up to the elements a bit better, but it can also be used with gel BBs as well as plastic ones. 

Excellent tracer functionality 

In general, we found the Acetech Bifrost to be able to illuminate green tracer BBs brightly and accurately, giving them a strong and long lasting green glow that should help users in low light conditions. 

Tons of cool features

In addition to being a good tracer unit, the Bifrost also has a ton of features. 

It comes with seven flame color options, sniper mode, demo and dynamic modes that help the device stand out from its competitors. 

Cool rainbow and RBG flames

In addition to having seven color options, the Acetech Bifrost can actually mix these colors up into multicolor light beams that can be pretty cool and fun on the field. 

Good battery life

Thanks to its lithium ion battery, the Acetech Bifrost is good for around 24 000 tracer rounds or 12 000 flames, making it a decently long lasting device. 

Low battery indicator, shake to wake

The Bifrost has also been designed with some helpful and useful battery-related features, such as a low battery light function that alerts users to the need for recharging in a highly visible way and a “shake to wake” sleep mode that can help it last longer between charges. 


Not the cheapest unit out there

At just under $100, while perhaps not the most expensive unit around, the Acetech Bifrost is a bit on the premium side of tracers, which can be an issue for those on strict budgets.

Users may need to read the manual before using 

There is a downside to having so many features in one device – it can take some time for users to become familiar with each function and may require them to read the product manual before use. 

Bottom Line

Whether it’s for an airsoft rifle, pistol or SMG, if you’re looking for a solid, feature-filled airsoft tracer unit with some useful and fun options, the Acetech Bifrost might just be the right device for you.

Ted Clark– Hailing from Florida, Ted has been an avid airsoft enthusiast since he was in middle school. When he’s not checking out and reviewing airsoft guns, he enjoys picking off his enemies one by one on the field as a sniper.