CYMA CM 028 AK47 Review

The CYMA CM028 is the company’s entry level AK47 replica and has been a staple of airsoft fields for many years.

We decided to take a look at it for ourselves to find out if it’s truly worth a spot in your collection.

How To Paint Your Airsoft Gun

Painting your airsoft gun can be a fun way to express yourself and add a touch of realism to your gear.

Find out the essentials of how to do so and get started with this guide.

LCT AK74M AEG Review

lct ak74m box

The AK74 was the standard rifle for Eastern bloc forces during much of the Cold War and has become something of an iconic firearm alongside its much older brother, the AK47.

The LCT AK74M has a reputation for being one of the best airsoft replicas out there, balancing performance with durability and aesthetics.

To find out if it’s worth your time and money, we decided to take a closer look.

Best Airsoft Muskets and Flintlocks

The 18th century really was the dawn of the modern age of warfare.  Firearms became the mainstay of armies, replacing pikemen and lancers.  It arguably saw the birth of the professional army, composed of citizen-soldiers, and of course it was the golden age of piracy when it seemed like the seven seas swarmed with scurvy … Read more

Best Airsoft WW2 Guns

World War 2 was arguably the biggest and most expansive conflict in human history.  A pretty straight-forward conflict, with clear good and bad guys, some of the most dramatic, memorable battles of all time, and a wide array of combat scenarios from the huge open battlegrounds of France to the house-to-house fighting of Stalingrad.  Little … Read more

WE CT25 Airsoft GBB Review

WE CT25 box cover

The WE CT25 is an airsoft pistol based on the famous Colt Junior subcompact, and is tiny dimensions make it well suited as a concealed surprised for opponents.

Find out if this little gun is worth a spot in your collection in this review.

Best Speedsoft Guns

Speedsoft is a popular airsoft sport that’s gaining more fans and players each year.  Emphasizing speed and aggressively, it can be very different from a traditional airsoft event and demands a gun that can keep up with the demands of gameplay, with the criteria for selecting an competitive option perhaps a bit unfamiliar to those … Read more

Best Airsoft Rocket Launchers & RPGs

Man portable rocket launchers and RPGs have been part of the modern battlefield for decades and it is perhaps no surprise that they have made their way into airsoft, as well.  While these airsoft replicas may not provide the explosive power and effect of their real steel counterparts, they can still be a valuable asset … Read more

WE Tech G17 Review

we tech g17 box

The WE Tech G17 is the company’s take on the famous Glock 17, the original Glock.

Find out if it lives up to the reputation of its real steel inspiration in this review.