Essential Guide to TagInn Grenades for Airsoft

What Are TagInn Grenades?

Created by TAG Innovation, a well-known manufacturer of interesting and innovative airsoft pyrotechnic products and accessories, TagInn grenades are the company’s signature line of airsoft grenades and launchers. 

Over the years, the company has produced and sold a wide range of grenade types, such as stun grenades, smoke grenades, frag grenades, projectiles and shower grenades, as well as fillers, launchers and launcher accessories (such as shells). 

As a result of the company’s popularity and extensive focus on airsoft pyrotechnics, the company has become something of a byword for airsoft grenades in recent years. 

How Do TagInn Grenades Differ From Other Airsoft Grenades?

Considerable range of options

As we’ve mentioned, Tag Innovation produces a fairly extensive line of airsoft grenade options, from traditional frag and shower grenades to smoke grenades, flashbangs and, most famously, 40mm projectiles. 

As a result, airsoft players can really optimize their loadout to get the most realistic experience possible and, of course, have a great time doing so. 

High quality build, look and feel

While cheaper airsoft grenades tend to be made out of cheap plastics (or even cardboard), and can often be fairly unreliable as a result, Tag tends to put a good deal of effort into the construction of its airsoft grenades. 

Their products tend to have a realistic design, are often made from higher quality materials and tend to have fairly reliable and well-put together fuses, detonators, seals and trigger mechanisms. 

In addition, the company’s line of launchers tends to be quite solid and high quality, being largely made of durable aluminum, with heavy-duty polymer reinforcements here and there.  

Where applicable, TagInns also tend to produce considerable noise and action (smoke, flashes, fragmentations) and, unlike cheaper competitors, can usually hit hard and far enough (40+ foot radius in some cases) for opponents to notice. 

Realistic 40mm projectile grenades

What the company is probably most famous for is its different lines of projectile airsoft grenades, which tend to be fire and away more realistic and advanced than what is typically associated with airsoft. 

Unlike most airsoft projectile grenades, these don’t just fire off a shotgun-like shower of BBs in the general direction of a target.

Instead, these make use of a rifled 40mm shell that is filled with compressed gas (CO2 or green gas) and actually launches a round at a target, which, thanks to their spinning design, can travel a considerable distance (up to a couple hundred feet in some cases)

picture of box of taginn airsoft grenade rounds opened

These airsoft rounds can have different effects, as well.

They can be foam tipped (e.g. the Reaper line) and offer a solid, very noticeable impact to indicate hits, filled with dye or powder to mark hits in a more noticeable way (e.g. their Paladins), filled with smoke for creating long range screens (e.g. the Velum series), filled with a pyrotechnic charge and fuse, creating a realistic smoke, flash and sound effect (e.g. the TAG Fate) and much more.

In effect, this allows interested airsoft grenadiers to set up their loadout with a number of different types of grenades (smoke, soft tip, pyro), which can then be deployed tactically to suit different in-game situations. 

What Are Some Issues With TagInn Grenades In Airsoft?


Being pretty well-built, powerful and capable, Tag grenades can be a little pricier than some other airsoft options out there, particularly when it comes to the company’s and 40mm options.

These projectiles include a shell, which can cost around $100+, and the often disposable rounds themselves, which can cost anywhere from $50-100 for a pack of 10 or so. 

Some fields may not always allow some of their products

With a reputation for power and effect, not every field is a fan of TagInn grenades, particularly their 40mm projectiles, and some won’t allow their use.

picture showing how some fields don't allow taginn projectile grenades

As a result, it is important to check your local fields’ policies before making a purchase. 

Can be hard to get a hold of in the US

There’s no real doubt that Tag grenades can make an interesting and realistic addition to any airsoft grenadier’s loadout.

Unfortunately for those in the US, for a variety of reasons, it can be hard to find some TagInns at local and online retailer.

In particular, while US-based airsofters can pick up the company’s shells and launchers, their 40mm rounds and lines of frags, flashbang and smoke grenades can be tough to get a hold of Stateside.

To their credit, TAG innovations has made great effort to resolve these issues in recent years, moving their operations, offering a certification test (P-TOP) for users to buy goods, time will tell whether this will make TagInns more easily available for American players.

Are TagInn Projectile Grenades Compatible With All 40mm Airsoft Grenade Launchers?

In general, the TagInn projectiles themselves are really only compatible with the so-called “shell-less” TagInn grenade launchers, e.g. the TAG-ML-36.

In order to use them with a typical 40mm airsoft launcher, such as a Matrix S&T M203 for example, they do need to be fitted into a gas-containing “shell” first, which give them broad compatibility.

It should be noted that earlier versions of TagInns were slightly longer than most 40mm airsoft grenades and could take a bit of wiggling with some airsoft launchers, but newer versions have been slightly shortened for better overall compatibility and use.

Some of Our Favorite TagInn Grenade Products

TagInn (Multi Range) Shells

Probably the most versatile TagInn product offered, TagInn shells are essentially hollow-bodied 40mm plastic tubes with a refillable metal base/gas reservoir that allow just about any 40mm airsoft launcher to use TagInn shells.

Once struck by an airsoft grenade launcher pin, they are capable of launching rounds at targets over a considerable distance, in some cases well over 150 meters, thanks to the spin induced by their rifling.

Typically sold for over $150, they can be fairly pricey, but their strength is really in their versatility. 

TagInn shells can be filled with an assortment of different TagInn rounds, from inert soft tips to pyrotechnics, and importantly, especially with the company’s newer shortened design, will fit most 40mm launchers around today.

Where the Multi-R really stands out from TagInn’s other shell offerings is its ability to adjust gas/power output with a turn of the base (helpfully marked 1-5).

close up picture of taginn multi range adjustable ring

In this way, users can more easily reduce the overall distance (and ultimate impact) of their projectiles, giving them far more control and accuracy than just about any other option out there.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the Multi Range series is CO2/850 HPA only, at least at time of writing, and doesn’t really support green gas.

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TagInn Paladin 40mm Grenades

picture of paladin taginn grenades being unboxed

Soft-tip TagInns can deliver a safe but very noticeable “kick” when they impact a player, far more so than a standard, shower-fired BB traveling over a similar distance.

As we all know, sometimes even that isnt enough to convince opponents to call their hits, which can lead to annoying and even heated disputes. 

TagInn’s Paladin range of grenades take the same long-distance performance of their regular 40mm grenades and add a colorful, washable chalk-like powder under a thinner tip that, upon impact, marks whatever or whoever it hits.

As a result, it becomes quite a bit harder to dispute eliminations in game.

In addition to dealing with player interactions, the Paladin can be a great addition to more complex milsin games, with players being able to mark any vehicles or buildings, visibly eliminating them from play, making things a bit more realistic and trackable.

As with other residue-leaving products, the only thing you have to make sure of is that these are allowed on a field and that other players are willing to have their loadouts temporarily marked with chalk. 

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TagInn Master Key Buckshot Round

Named after the famous M16/M4 attachment, which involved attaching a modified pump-action shotgun to the bottom of a user’s rifle (in place of an M203) for on-demand breaching, the TagInn Master Key provides much of same function without the need to buy a separate device.

These rounds fit into the company’s MK2 shell casings or ML-36 grenade launcher  and, when fired’ spray an area with about 75 BBs at a time, somewhat like a an on-demand, controllable and targeted airsoft frag grenade. 

In this way, TagInn Master Keys can be a surprisingly effective room clearing tool, explosively and effectively filling a room with BBs.

Unlike M203 traditional shower shells, they aren’t just for tight quarters or covering small areas.

Master Keys can and do launch BBs well past 100 feet, making them quite powerful and versatile. 

These can be useful for larger rooms, trenches, hallways and even outdoor ambushes in a pinch.

They’re also widely available for purchase in the US, which is certainly a distinct benefit.

One thing to keep in mind is that, unlike refillable shower shells, they are disposable, which while perhaps convenient can increase their running cost over time if you’re a fan of overwhelming firepower.

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Bottom Line

With their diverse product line, innovative designs and realistic effects, TagInn grenades can be a great addition to an airsoft loadout, particularly for milsim and outdoor game enthusiasts. 

Although they, like any other products, can have some drawbacks, on the whole we feel that if you can get your hands on them and your budget can accommodate them, TagInn products are well worth a try. 

Ted Clark– Hailing from Florida, Ted has been an avid airsoft enthusiast since he was in middle school. When he’s not checking out and reviewing airsoft guns, he enjoys picking off his enemies one by one on the field as a sniper.