WE Tech F226 Mk25 GBB Review

Size and Weight 94%
Power 89%
Durability and Build Quality 92%
Value for Money 96%
✅ Affordable❌ Not all that ambidextrous
✅ Compact, easy to handle❌ A few non-TM compatible parts
✅ Full metal, well-made
✅ Very comfortable to hold and use
✅ Good performance
✅ Lots of room for accessories
✅ Good blowback action

The SIG P226 Mk25 is a full-sized pistol used by members of police and military forces worldwide, but is perhaps best known for its use with the US Navy SEALS and their Tier 1 unit – DEVGRU. 

In recent years, WE Tech’s F226 Mk25 airsoft pistol has become a popular option among fans of the gun for its relatively low price, solid build quality, reliability and plethora of aftermarket parts. 

To find out if this gas blowback gun lives up to the reputation of its real steel inspiration, and to find out if it’s worth a spot in your loadout, we decided to take a closer look. 


ManufacturerWE Tech
PowerGreen Gas
ActionSemi Auto
FPS~ 300 FPS @ 0.20g BBs
Hop upAdjustable
Inner barrel 3.8 inch (96.8 mm) 
Total Length7.7 inches (196 mm)
Weight1.92 lbs (875 g) empty

How Much Does A WE Tech F226 / MK25 Resemble A Real Steel Firearm?

unboxing picture of we tech f226 airsoft pistol
WE F226 Mk25SIG P226
Overall length7.7 inches (196 mm)7.7 in (196 mm) 
Barrel Length 4.4 inches (113 mm)4.4 inches (113 mm)
Weight1.92 lbs (0.875 KG)2.12 lbs (0.964 KG)
Action Semi automaticSemi automatic
Caliber 6mm 9mm
Capacity2515 rd
ConstructionAluminum alloy slide and frameSteel slide, frame, polymer grips
SightsFixed Fixed 
Rail6 O’ Clock6 O’ Clock

For the most part, the WE F226 Mk25 is a fairly accurate replica of its famous real steel counterpart. 

To be sure, there are some minor differences between the WE and a SIG that more eagle-eyed users might pick up on. 

The WE’s slide is slightly squarer, for example, and its hammer area is straighter cut than the real steel 226’s more concave design. 

Additionally, the gun uses a thinner, more traditional airsoft trigger and its hammer is a bit more subdued. 

For the most part, however, WE has done a decent job at replicating the overall look of this famous firearm, with the airsoft pistol matching its real steel inspiration pretty closely in its overall dimensions, construction and weight.

The WE F226 Mk25 also manages to replicate many of the important details of a SIG, such as its two-tone coloring (gray-on-black on our model but also available in coyote tan), stippled grip, firing pin, prominent ejection port and the placement and function of its plethora of controls, such as its takedown lever, mag release, decocker and slide stop. 

close up picture of we f226 mk25 airsoft pistol showing all its controls

As a result, from a looks perspective at least, the gun should make a fine airsoft pistol for all but the most serious and picky milsim enthusiasts. 

With that said, not being an officially licensed airsoft pistol, there are no trades or official markings on this gun, which can be a bit of a downer for some collectors. 

WE has included a few touches here and there to make things seem a bit more tactical, such as etching “F226” and “SEAL TEAM SIX” rather prominently on the gun’s grips, which some may find amusing even if it’s not necessarily operator-correct.  

close up picture of seal team six engraving on we f226 mk25 airsoft pistol

How Does WE F226 Perform As An Airsoft Pistol?

Build-quality and Construction

The WE MK25 is actually a surprisingly well made gas blowback pistol overall. 

The gun is all metal, with its frame, slide and externals being made of aluminum alloy and its only grips being made of reinforced plastic. 

This construction makes the WE Tech F226 a fair bit more durable and hard-wearing than its ABS plastic rivales, such as the Tokyo Marui p226, and gives it a quicker cycle compared to pistols with a heavier pure aluminum slide, such as the WE Sword Cutlass M9 or the STI Combat Master

The fit and finish on the gun is pretty decent, as well. 

Out of the box the gun was well lubricated and, when we handled it, there wasn’t any real looseness or wobbling to speak of and the controls seemed properly and solidly fitted. 

As might be expected of a replica of the Navy SEALS’ arguably most well-known sidearm, the WE Tech F226 Mk25 is fairly accessory friendly. 

The gun comes with a good sized picatinny rail under its barrel, which makes it easy to pop flashlights, lasers and other tactical accessories onto the frame, although it can make it a bit trickier to fit into a standard non-railed, non-MK 25 P226 holster due to the extra height.  

It also comes with a 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel, so adding common suppressors or tracer units is pretty straightforward. 

In terms of sights, the WE Tech F226 airsoft pistol comes with pretty typical fixed notch and post sights.

These sights are fairly low rise, however, meaning they are less likely to snag on gear or clothing when drawing the gun, and they are white dots. 

This can make it easier to get a bead on lower contrast targets or in lower light conditions, which is always helpful. 

Internally, the WE Tech is pretty solid, as well. 

picture of we tech internals on f226 mk25 airsoft gun

The gun comes with a nicely polished 3.8 inch 6.08mm diameter brass inner barrel, a metal rotary hop up unit, a fairly thick recoil spring, a metal guide rod, a rather expansive 15mm nozzle, aluminum hammer group and a fair bit of metal reinforcements around the slide. 

The gun’s hop up unit is fairly decent, providing good spin up to middle weight BBs in our tests, and the dial is nice and firm, staying in place even during fairly intense play. 

The hop up unit adjustment is located under the slide, which is pretty typical of most airsoft pistols (such as most M9, 1911 and 2011 clones), but it does mean that making sudden adjustments on the field can be a bit more tricky.  

Performance and Accuracy

All things considered, we found the WE Tech F226 Mk25 to be a pretty capable little airsoft gas blowback pistol. 

Running on green gas and firing 0.20s, we saw the gun chrono at around 300 FPS once it settled in.

Although not exactly the most powerful airsoft pistol around, the gun does have enough power to handle itself on the field and, perhaps critically, it will slide under pretty much any field’s FPS limits and can therefore be used without worry in indoor and CQB games. 

Out of the box, the gun’s trigger is pretty crisp and responsive and with a fairly short travel, allowing users to get quite a few shots off in succession.

The gun’s blowback action is pretty impressive, as well, and while perhaps not quite as blazing fast as its ABS plastic counterparts, the gun’s metal slide cycled quickly enough and delivered a fairly solid kick with each shot.

In terms of range and accuracy, we saw the gun hit targets and even group well to around 100-120 feet (30-37 m) out of the box and hit man-sized targets fairly reliably well beyond that. 

In terms of gas efficiency, we saw the gun get around 2-2.5 mags per fill, which is pretty decent and should help users get the most bang for their buck in the long run. 

Handling and Feel

The P226 is nothing if not a comfortable and ergonomic pistol to use and WE’s airsoft hommage is no different. 

At under 8 inches long, the gun is considerably more compact than most full size pistol options out there, such as the always popular Hi-Capa 5.1 and the Glock 17

At just under 2 lbs, it’s also not all that heavy but, thanks to its metal construction, avoids feeling like a toy.

As a result, the WE Tech F226 airsoft pistol is very easy to hold and use for extended periods of time, particularly in CQB and close in games, and can be quite easy to throw into loadout. 

Further, thanks to its curved grip and ample overhang, the gun tends to fit easily and snugly into most hands, even those with smaller grip sizes. 

picture of we tech f226 grip showing stippling and overhang

Adding to this, the gun comes with rather extensively stippled grips and fairly deep rear serrations along its slide, making it easy to hold and operate with gloves or when wet, which is always nice to see. 

Interestingly, while the WE (and pretty much every P226 replica) has a number of controls along its side (takedown lever, slide stop, decocker and mag release – note the lack of physical safety, which is accurate to the real steel version) they are still pretty close to the grip and easy to get to without straining one’s fingers excessively or having to shift hands too much, making the gun more effective in CQB and high-speed games. 

On the downside, they are all mostly located on the left side of the gun’s frame, meaning the WE Tech F226 airsoft gun more or less favors right hand shooters. 

Maintenance and Upgrades

Like an M9, the WE Tech F226 Mk25 has a prominent takedown lever that, when flipped down, allows the slide to come free of the frame, exposing the gun’s internals for inspection, cleaning and repair. 

As a result, the gun is pretty easy to do periodic maintenance on, although it should be kept in mind that, like many other P226 replicas, the inclusion of several controls does mean doing more extensive repairs and takedowns can be pretty tricky. 

It is important to note that the WE Tech F226 Mk25, like other F226s in the company line, is not a direct copy of the famous Tokyo Marui 226 and its various clones. 

For instance, the gun is a bit taller, has a different hammer mechanism, a larger nozzle, a different blowback valve, a different hop up and so on. 

The gun does, however, share key internal components with the Marui, such as its sears, valve, knocker valve and controls (even if they are slightly differently sized). 

As a result, compatibility between the two guns is a bit hit or miss, although one might say that the most important and challenging components are compatible, if not interchangeable. 

With all that said, WE Tech is known for its rather extensive lines of F226 airsoft pistols and a fairly large ecosystem of replacement and upgrade parts has developed around these guns.

Consequently, it isn’t too hard to find upgraded barrels, slides, valves, hop ups and buckings, guide pins, springs and more for these guns. 

Magazine type and Capacity

In general, the WE Tech F226 Mk25 comes with a 25 round double stack, flat base, matte black metal green gas E2 magazine. 

When we handled it, the magazine seemed to insert and drop free of the gun pretty smoothly, held its gas well (and about 20% more than the old version) and fed BBs quite reliably. 

Helpfully, the magazine is broadly compatible with TM-clone 226-style airsoft pistols, so the gun can take advantage of the many TM and KJW mags out there for this gun, including larger 37-round extended magazines and even drums. 


Note: All prices correct as of writing, all prices in USD.

By and large, the WE Tech F226 Mk25 comes in at just around $120-130 depending on the retailer. 

As a full-size GBB airsoft sidearm, this does put it on the more affordable side of things, being less expensive to buy than most Hi Capas, Glocks and even other P226 replicas, such as the Sig Proforce

That said, for the price you do get an all-metal, well-made, accurately designed and solidly performing airsoft pistol that looks and feels very cool to hold. 


Advantages of the WE Tech F226 Mk25


At just north of $100, the WE Tech F226 Mk25 is a solid and affordable green gas airsoft pistol, being less expensive than many other full-size options out there.

Compact and easy to handle

At just 7.7 inches in length and weighing under 2 lbs, the WE F226 Mk25 airsoft pistol is also quite compact and maneuverable for a sidearm, being able to be easily thrown into a loadout and used in tight quarters without much fuss. 


WE has clearly put a lot of effort into their Mk25 airsoft pistol, making the gun out of durable aluminum alloys and putting things together nicely, making sure there is very little looseness or wiggle in its assembly and controls. 

Comfortable to hold and use

With its curved grip, amble overhang and close-in controls, the WE Tech F226 is also very easy to hold, manipulate and fire during play. 

Good performance

Although certainly not the most powerful airsoft green gas pistol we’ve seen, the WE Tech F226 is pretty well balanced, with solid accuracy/range and power that will hammer home BBs but won’t get you bounced from indoor or CQB games. 


The WE Tech F226 also comes with a number of options for accessories, including a sizeable picatinny rail on its underside and a 14mm CCW threaded barrel that’s ready for tracer units and suppressors. 

Solid blowback action

Finally, with its expanded nozzle and alloy slide, the WE Tech F226 Mk25 offers a pretty quick cycle and a great kick with every shot, making it a lot of fun to use in game. 


Not an exact 1:1 replica

Although pretty accurately designed, the WE Tech F226 Mk25 does have a few minor differences from its real steel inspiration that more hardcore enthusiasts and collectors might have an issue with, not the least of which is its lack of authentic trades.

Not totally TM compatible

Although many of its most critical components are TM-compatible and while there is a good number of aftermarket parts available for it, the WE F226 Mk25 also contains a number of internal components that are slightly different, making it harder to swap parts around without some effort. 

Not all that ambidextrous out of the box

As with other P226 airsoft guns, the WE Tech F226 Mk25 isn’t the most ambidextrous around, with most of its controls set up for right hand use. 

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a solid P226 gas blowback replica that looks cool, performs well and will last but don’t want to spend a ton of money, the WE Tech F226 Mk25 airsoft pistol might just be the right choice for you. 

Will Martin – Will has been into airsoft and paintball for well over 10 years, and has done it all – from upgrading and fixing gearboxes as a tech to building custom airsoft loadouts for his friends to supporting off those friends as a DM.