Best Airsoft Rocket Launchers & RPGs

Man portable rocket launchers and RPGs have been part of the modern battlefield for decades and it is perhaps no surprise that they have made their way into airsoft, as well. 

While these airsoft replicas may not provide the explosive power and effect of their real steel counterparts, they can still be a valuable asset to a team by providing users with the ability to deliver a sudden shower of BBs towards unsuspecting opponents.

And let’s not forget the intimidation factor inherent in having a 3-4 foot long armed metal tube pointed in your direction.

While airsoft rocket launchers aren’t necessarily the most common accessory item around, there are still a fair number available for sale and they aren’t usually all that cheap to buy.

It can therefore be hard, at times, to find a model that’s actually worth your time and money.

To help out, we’ve created a list of some of our favorites that not only look good but will get you up and launching barrages of BBs as quickly and effectively as possible.

Our PickOur ThoughtsFind it
Best Airsoft RPG – Arrow Dynamic RPG-7Read our reviewCheck it out
Best Airsoft M72 LAWRead our reviewCheck it out
Best Airsoft PanzerfaustRead our reviewCheck it out

Best RPG – Arrow Dynamic RPG-7

VersatileProjectiles can drop over distance
Very realisticAssembly required
High build quality
Easy to use, easy to load
Easy and comfortable to hold

Created in 1958, the RPG-7 was for many decades the most widely-used anti-armor weapon on Earth thanks to its simplicity, ruggedness, low cost, and power. 

Though it has since been surpassed, its legend lives on in this airsoft weapon, which has been faithfully recreated in aluminum and real wood by Matrix/Arrow Dynamic.

airsoft rpg 7 assembled and ready for use

One of the things we like best about this airsoft RPG is its versatility. 

Whether you want to use explosive BB shower grenades through the mock warhead, fire off various 40mm airsoft grenades, or use foam dummy munitions by simply removing the warhead, the RPG-7 delivers. 

This gives you options for various scenarios,  while also keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging.

Furthermore, the build quality is truly top-notch, being made from high quality CNC’d aluminum and nicely finished, real wood furniture (on the more premium model we looked at, anyway). 

When we checked it out we found that every part of the kit fits together nicely, with nothing missing or ill-fitting, and when it was completed it felt very solid in-hand, with little to no rattling or looseness.

Loading and using the Arrow Dynamic RPG-7 is surprisingly easy, as well, even if you get caught out in the middle of a game.

With the included RPG, all you really need to do is unscrew the tip and insert a BB shower grenade shell. 

Finally, the Arrow Dynamic RPG-7 simply looks fantastic.

The device’s realistic and aggressive appearance adds a layer of authenticity to your airsoft battles, particularly when it comes to the real wood version, which has a very cool, Cold War aesthetic to it. 

With all that said, the weapon is not without its drawbacks. 

Trying to launch projectile grenades from the tube can be a bit inaccurate due to the shells not being properly seated, which can cause a bit of drop, although it should be noted that this isn’t really a factor when using shells or nerf-style projectiles.

This issue can be fixed by adding a bit of electrical tape around the shell or by adjusting your aim upwards a tad. 

Another potential hurdle is that this is a kit and you will need to assemble the RPG-7 yourself. 

While not the hardest task in the world, it’s also not exactly the simplest – this is referred to as an airsoft challenge kit for a reason and it can require some patience.

Overall, however, the Arrow Dynamic RPG-7 airsoft rocket launcher offers a remarkable combination of versatility, build quality, and realism and if you really want to bring an RPG to your next game, it might just be right for you. 


Best M72 LAW – Avengers M72 

Collapsable and compactNo grip or handle makes it a bit harder to get precision shots
Durable construction and high build quality
Highly realistic replica
Relatively affordable

If your loadout leans more towards modern Western forces, and you’re in the market for an airsoft rocket launcher to fit the bill, then you’ll probably want to get yourself a M72 LAW replica.

And for our money, the Avengers M72 probably delivers the best proverbial bang for the buck out there.

picture of avengers m72 airsoft rocket launcher unboxed and ready for use

Based on a real steel LAW rocket launcher, the Avengers M72 is compact and collapsible, which makes it considerably more easy to carry and, frankly, usable compared to other rocket launcher and RPG types.

It also makes storing the device a lot simpler, which is always a plus since it’s probably never really going to be part of an everyday loadout.

The Avengers M72 fires grenade shells and foam projectiles, and while it can’t really make use of TagInns or more interesting grenade types, it can launch them to a respectable 75-80 feet.

In terms of its build quality, the M72 is pretty robust. 

Combining metal internals, steel ridging, and a polymer outer tube, this launcher is built to withstand the rigors of airsoft battles. Its solid construction ensures that all the parts work as they should, even after consistent use, and we couldn’t really see any rattling or wobbling when we tested it.

As with a real steel M72, there isn’t a grip or handle on this device beyond a brace, so getting a higher degree of accuracy on it can be a bit of a challenge and is one of the biggest drawbacks to the Avengers’ highly realistic design. 

That said, as far as airsoft rocket launchers go, the Avengers M72 is pretty affordable – being over $50 less expensive than the other options on this list it can be a decent option for those who want a decent bang for their buck.

Best Panzerfaust – 6mmProShop 100m 

Very realistic- perfect for milsimNo grip or handle
Simple to reloadA bit less rugged than some other launchers
Very well made
Pin-based safety a real bonus
Not terribly expensive

Moving back a bit in history, let’s look at the Panzerfaust. Developed by the Germans in 1942, the Panzerfaust was used as their infantry’s main anti-tank weapon until the end of the war. 

It continued to be used by German forces for a while after the war, as well. 

One of the standout features of this launcher is its uncanny realism – the 6mmProShop version is a highly accurate replica that makes it a perfect choice for milsim games where historical accuracy is key – it even has true-to-life German instructions written on the tube – and this realism really helps make the experience more immersive.

Firing and loading this launcher is a breeze. 

Simply unscrew the top of the warhead, insert your chosen grenade, and replace the warhead. The ease of use means that you can quickly get back into the action, making it ideal for fast-paced gameplay. 

Given that the real Panzerfaust was a one-use weapon, this could be considered a blow to historical accuracy, but we’re willing to let it slide. 

Like the Matrix RPG-7 above, we love the Panzerfaust’s versatility – it can fire any 40mm airsoft grenade shell, whether a shower or a projectile.

This adaptability means you can customize your loadout to a greater degree. 

In terms of build quality, the Panzerfaust impresses with a solid construction that minimizes rattles or clicks, at least when we handled it, providing a sense of quality and reliability.

The pin-based safety mechanism is intuitive and adds a level of certainty to the launcher. With the pin in place, you can be confident that your weapon is safely disabled. The last thing you want when running around with a rocket launcher is an accidental discharge!

Despite all this praise, we still had some issues.

For one thing, the lack of a real handle or grip can make achieving pinpoint accuracy a bit more challenging. 

You either have to rest it on your shoulder (made tougher by the lack of a brace) or tuck it under your armpit. 

This is, keep in mind, 100% historically accurate, and there probably would’ve been some complaints if 6mmProShop had added a handle or shoulder brace, but it still makes shooting a little trickier.

Additionally, the Panzerfaust’s aluminum and polymer construction does make it a bit less durable than the other weapons on this list, which are mostly solid metal and/or wood. 

It’s not going to break if you drop it, for sure, but you’ll probably want to be a bit more careful with it.

That said, the 6mmProShop 100m German Panzerfaust airsoft rocket launcher is a fantastic choice for those who crave historical accuracy in their milsim games.

Its ease of use, versatility, and surprising range make it a top contender in the airsoft world, and despite its minor drawbacks if you’re a history enthusiast and airsoft fan we feel that this launcher is worth considering for your loadout.


Reasons To Get An Airsoft Rocket Launcher

Versatility in Gameplay 

Airsoft rocket launchers can allow players to engage in a greater array of scenarios and roles, with the threat of individuals being able to take out multiple opponents in confined spaces adding an exciting new dimension to airsoft gameplay.

Team Support

Airsoft rocket launchers can offer valuable support in team-based games, allowing players to suddenly suppress or eliminate groups of opponents or clear an area in one shot, helping their teammates achieve their objectives.

Realism and Immersion

Man portable rocket launchers and RPGs are extensively used in battlefields across the world and for those who enjoy a more realistic and immersive airsoft experience, a rocket launcher adds authenticity to military simulation games.

They’re really cool collectables

Let’s face it, having a replica rocket launcher around or hanging on your wall, particularly one that has been meticulously crafted and realistic, can be really cool and a great reason for collectors and military enthusiasts to pick one up. 

Why They Might Not Be A Great Idea

They’re niche and expensive

Airsoft rocket launchers aren’t exactly going to be part of anyone’s day to day loadout and they can cost a pretty penny.

They may not alway be allowed 

Not every field is comfortable having players running around with 2-3 foot metal tubes, especially if they launch projectiles, which means that they may not be all that usable at the end of the day, even if they are cool.

They’re big and often awkward

Airsoft rocket launchers are usually pretty long and bulky and can be a bit awkward to carry around on the field. 

Bottom Line

Airsoft rocket launchers can be a thrilling addition to the world of airsoft, offering players unique gameplay experiences and a sense of realism. 

Finding one that suits your budget and needs can be a bit tricky, but a well made device can add some much needed excitement and novelty to an airsoft game.

David Lewis – A longtime airsoft and airgun enthusiast and collector, our editor David’s lifelong passion for tactical sports began in high school with some friends, a cheap knock-off airsoft M4, and an open field behind his parents’ house.

When he’s not plinking around, he enjoys sharing his knowledge of airsoft and helping those just starting out.