Best Airsoft Grenades

Airsoft grenades can be a fantastic addition to any players’ loadout. 

Aside from being a lot of fun to use, they can provide greater degree of tactical flexibility and can fundamentally change up how a game is played without the need for any special accessories or weapons

Airsoft grenades can help players eliminate groups of opponents in an instant, provide cover, act as a quick distraction or even force out well-entrenched or well hidden opponents.

In fact, with a little thought, some practice and a bit of luck, a single airsoft grenade can turn the tide of a battle in a way that no other tool or airsoft weapon can really match.

If you’re unfamiliar with them, we’ve published a guide to the basics on airsoft grenades, but if you’re ready to bring the noise and are looking for something that can take your airsoft game to the next level, then read on as we explore the best airsoft grenades out there.

What We Look For In An Airsoft Grenade

Purchase Price

If we’re totally honest about it, airsoft grenades aren’t exactly a necessary item you’ll need to win a game. A good airsoft rifle, SMG or even pistol will serve you far better in both the short and long run.

Airsoft grenades also have the unfortunate tendency to get lost or get stolen by unscrupulous players, and, let’s face it, aren’t always suitable for every game type and so aren’t a day to day loadout item that should be at the top of a player’s list of things to buy.

As such, while that brightly colored $100 canister can look tempting, we feel it is important that an airsoft grenade isn’t that expensive to purchase. 

Cost per throw

When looking at an airsoft grenade, one thing to consider is cost per throw, that is how much using it is going to cost you in total.

With single use airsoft grenades it’s pretty simple – the cost of the grenade. The more expensive it is, the greater the cost of throwing it.

With reusable grenades things can get a little trickier and . 

If an airsoft grenade uses a CO2 cartridge everytime it goes off, that’ll cost you a couple bucks. If it ejects 120 BBs, that will be a few cents more. 

If you can refill it with green gas or if it is spring loaded, however, your airsoft grenade might be be a little cheaper per throw. 

Build Quality

On the other hand, it is important to balance budget with quality and not go too cheap. 

Airsoft grenades tend to get thrown around and rolled and so they do need to be built well enough to stand up to some manhandling without breaking the first time you throw it (or subsequent times, if you’re buying reusables). 

We like to look for airsoft grenades that have a sturdy shell, made of durable polymer or, ideally, aluminum. 

In a similar vein, airsoft grenades can have a lot of mechanisms that can become problematic if they aren’t put together properly. 

Spoons, pins and pull strings all need to be well fitted and secure, not liable to come loose at the wrong moment or be so tight as to make you look like an idiot on the field. 

Similarly, striker caps should have fairly gritty paper, feeling almost like an emory board, securely glued to the cap that can be used to properly strike the fuse (like a match) without too much effort.  

Ease of Use and Handling

Whether you’re throwing them or, more likely due to local field rules, rolling them at an area, airsoft grenades need to be comfortable enough to carry and handle.

Airsoft grenades should have some heft (for realism and so that they can be thrown or rolled properly) but not so much that they become hard to hold and carry. 

For frag style grenades, we tend to prefer those that weigh around a pound or so, while for smoke grenades we expect things to be a bit lighter and generally prefer those under half a pound (250g).

In terms of dimensions, we prefer those that sit comfortably in hand, that is an airsoft grenade shouldn’t be so wide as to make them hard to hold or carry in a vest or pocket and not too small or thin as to feel like a toy. 

Bang for Buck (Effect)

With the exception of dummy grenades, we look for airsoft grenades that can produce a decent and impressive effect.

With smoke grenades, this means the grenade should produce an ample amount of covering smoke.

With frags, the airsoft grenade should let loose with a decent and sudden stream of BBs across a wide area.

And, of course, sonic grenades should produce a loud and intimidating rapport, around 100-130 dB which is good enough for indoor and outdoor use without being too dangerous.

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Best Distraction / Sound Grenade – Thunder B 

Price 💲
Cost Per Throw💲💲
Build Quality⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pretty cheap to buyCost per throw – will need to buy a new shell and CO2 cartridge after each throw
Lots of different shell options for different looks and tastesCore can fail over time needing repair or replacement
Non-pyrotechnic and so can be used in different fields more easily
CO2 powered and very loud, good for indoor or outdoor use
Easy to use

If you’re looking for a reusable distraction grenade with a loud sound, the well-known Thunder B grenades might be just what you’re looking for. 

The Thunder Bs are CO2-powered airsoft sound grenades and so go off with a pretty loud bang – about a 130 dB bang, to be precise. 

About as loud as a gunshot, they will certainly distract and disorient those around you and, unlike some other airsoft grenades, they are loud and effective enough to be used outside. 

And they’re pretty easy to use. Pull the pin, let go of the spoon and let ‘er rip. 

Thunder Bs are also reusable…in their own way. 

The main component of a Thunder B is a sturdy metal core that holds a 12g CO2 cartridge, which is then inserted into a disposable plastic grenade shell. 

picture of thunder b airsoft sound grenade core unboxed

This also allows the Thunder Bs to be used in a wide variety of replica grenade shells, which means that users can turn them into whatever style of grenade best suits their taste, game style or preference. 

Historical milsimmers can use them with pineapple grenade shells, those preferring tactical loadouts can insert them into cylindrical flashbang or tripwire-style grenades and so on – so they are quite versatile.

In terms of overall handling, it really depends on the shell, but most of the Thunder B shells are pretty well-sized and should fit comfortably in most tactical pouches without an issue.

Finally, Thunder Bs are quite affordable to buy. A core and a dozen or so shells can cost less than $50 to pick up, with the cores themselves typically costing around $25 or so.

The downside of the Thunder Bs is largely in their cost to throw. 

While the core mechanism can be reused, the CO2 cartridge and shell have to be replaced after each throw, a couple bucks here and there that can add up over time.

Similarly, although well built, the Thunder B’s core can fail over time. Although users report getting dozens of uses out of them before seeing any real wear and tear, it is an additional cost to consider. 

That said, considering that they are extremely loud, easy to use, pretty cheap to buy and can be fitted into lots of different styles of shells, if you are looking to deliver a big bang on the field again and again, we feel the Thunder B should be on the top of your list. 


Best Timer Frag Grenade – Tornado 2 

Price 💲💲💲
Cost Per Throw💲
Build Quality⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Can contain 200 BBsPricey
Shots fire out at relatively high power (240 FPS)Somewhat heavy
Grenade spins while firing, ensuring good spreadMight be too powerful for some fields
3 position timer
Durable metal construction
Easy to load
Uses green gas or propane, keeps costs down

If you’re looking for a set-and-scram airsoft grenade, there’s a lot to love about the Tornado 2. 

The Tornado 2 is a timer frag airsoft grenade with an readily adjustable mechanical fuse or timer delay, but unlike some other timer grenades out there, it’s actually pretty easy to use- with the pin in you just sort of twist the top and you can set the device to go off after short, medium or long intervals (from a couple seconds to five or so). 

picture of unboxed tornado 2 airsoft timer grenade

On short settings it can be used as a more or less immediately deployable grenade, while on long it can be used as a trap or if you need to give yourself more time to get out of the way.

But the Tornado 2 has more going for it than its mechanical timer. To start with, the Tornado 2 can contain, and puts out a lot of BBs.

It holds about two hundred rounds that, through the magic of green gas, are fired out at a fairly impressive 240 FPS. And it does so while venting gas through different ports, producing a decent spin that can blanket a good sized area around it.

The Tornado 2’s shell is made of aluminum, making it tough enough to be thrown around some and to take the bangs and knocks that a spirited game can put it through, and it’s fairly compact. At about 6 inches tall and a couple in diameter, it should fit in most magazine pouches without any problem. 

Finally, it is a refillable airsoft grenade that keeps its cost per throw down by using relatively affordable green gas or propane. Further reducing the cost of using these is the fact that each grenade comes with 2 pins, in case you lose one, and replacements are only a couple bucks, in case you lose both.

On the downside, the Tornado 2 is far from being a cheap option at around $125. Although it is very durable and is reusable and, with proper maintenance, should last for many games, it is not exactly the best choice for those on a strict budget. 

The grenade’s power can also be a downside as some airsoft fields might consider it a little too powerful, so you’ll want to double check the rules before adding one to your loadout. 

Lastly, the Tornado 2 might be considered too powerful by some airsoft fields. After all, an airsoft 

These quibbles aside, Airsoft Innovations Tornado 2 is a fantastic timer airsoft grenade that offers excellent tactical flexibility, power and build quality and can be a great way to introduce a little surprise to your next game.


Best Airsoft Impact Grenade – ASG Storm 360

Price 💲💲
Cost Per Throw💲
Build Quality⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Pretty durable construction – you can really chuck these aroundMay not fit every pouch
Can hold 160 BBs at a timeDoes require a fairly sturdy surface to reliably go off
Realistic 10M blast radius
Realistic feeling and size
Green gas powered
Impact triggered

If you’re looking for an airsoft impact grenade that will clear a room with extreme prejudice, ASG’s Storm 360 line might be just what you’re looking for. 

picture of asg storm airsoft grenade unboxed

The chunky body of a Storm 360 is designed to contain about 160 BBs, a fair bit more than most, and when it goes off it can send them hurtling in all directions (360 degrees, as implied by the name), to around 30 feet outwards (10 m).  

Used properly these will clear even the largest room or area and will very quickly give an opposing squad a bad day. 

The ASG Storms are impact grenades, so when you pull the pin a small button will pop up at the top that, when depressed, releases green gas that forcefully expels BBs as the grenade bounces, spins and jitters around. 

As such these grenades are built to be thrown. 

They are made largely of nylon-reinforced plastic, which keeps them strong but relatively lightweight (just over half a pound), and they can take a good moderate throw. 

Chucking them wildly and at full force at a concrete wall or floor, however, may cause some  damage.

They also come in a bunch of funky colors, from the usual tactical green and black to white, red and even a sort of radioactive bright green. 

The trigger mechanism works quite well and fairly reliably – once it gets depressed the grenade will begin to expel BBs pretty explosively – and it refills on green gas, which can keep cost per throw down quite. 

On the downside, although hand-sized, the Storm 360 is a bit on the chunky side and may be a bit too wide to fit inside some vest pouches and will have to be strapped or clipped on. 

Similarly, and something that is common to most impact grenades, is that the ASG Storm 360 requires a relatively hard surface to go off and so may have issues if used on soft earth, such as during outdoor milsim games. 

Overall, however, with its large capacity, good trigger mechanism, durable construction and relatively cheap green gas cost per throw, if you’re looking for an impact frag grenade to take to your next game, you might want to reach for the ASG Storm 360. 



Best Budget Frag Grenade – 6mmProShop Mechanical BB Shower 


Price 💲
Cost Per Throw💲
Build Quality⭐⭐⭐⭐
Affordable to buy and runLow FPS
No power source to refillSmaller blast radius than some others
Easy to reset and reload
Pin and spoon safety, realistic and useful
Contains well over 200 BBs
Quiet – perfect for ambushes

If you’re on a budget and you want an airsoft frag grenade that won’t cost a lot to buy or throw, 6mmProShop’s Mechanical BB Shower Hand Grenade just might be what you’re looking for.

To start with, the Mechanical Shower is, well, mechanical. 

It’s spring powered so there’s nothing to refill or replace after using it. That means there’s no need to buy gas or cartridges, just fill it with BBs, wind the spring and let ‘er rip.

It’s also quite cheap to buy for a reusable airsoft shower grenade, typically costing (at time of writing) just under twenty five dollars.

But the Mechanical Shower has more going for it than affordability, it also performs fairly well in the field. 

You can fill the Mechanical Shower with about two hundred and sixty BBs, which is a lot more than other airsoft grenades out there can hold and should be more than enough for anyone’s purposes. 

When it goes off, it also offers a blast radius of about ten to fifteen feet, which isn’t huge but is decent considering this is a spring operation.

It’s also fairly reliable and easy to repair. There are no valves, seals or other gas-related bits to worry about and, because it’s powered by spring, you don’t have to worry as much if the shell gets dented or damaged through over-enthusiastic play as it can’t spring a leak. 

Lastly, thanks to its mechanical nature, this airsoft grenade is significantly quieter than its competitors. 

On the one hand, this does mean you lose the psychological advantage of a big, surprising boom. But on the other hand, it makes the Mechanical Shower very well suited for traps or ambushes.

On the downside, because it is spring powered, the Mechanical Shower does lose something in terms of effect compared to its gas-powered rivals. 

Like other spring-powered airsoft devices, BBs aren’t ejected from these with enormous power so it’s entirely possible for an opposing player to be hit by one of the BBs and simply not know it (or at least pretend to). 

It also means that the blast radius from one of these is only a few feet, compared to the ten plus feet produced by rivals. 

On the whole, however, we feel that the Mechanical Shower grenade is a very good choice for someone looking for a cheap and effective BB shower airsoft grenade. It’s great for skirmishes and friendly games, and definitely is a little easier on the wallet.

Best Burst Style Smoke Grenade- Enola Gaye Wire Pull Burst 

Price 💲
Cost Per Throw💲💲
Build Quality⭐⭐⭐⭐
Provides thick cloud of smoke quicklyNot the most realistic or tactical looking
Great variety of colored smoke availableSmall size means it doesn’t cover the broadest area
Affordable enough to use relatively frequently
Easy to use
Reliable and well-built

The Enola Gaye Wire Pull Burst series of wire pull smoke grenades have a lot to offer those looking for a decent smoke effect.

To start with, they can provide a pretty decent plume of smoke for a fair amount of time

 in a pretty compact and easy to carry package – about 4.7×1.6 inches or so – so it can fit comfortably in your hand or in a pouch.

Enola Gaye Bursts use a twin vent system, where smoke shoots out of both ends of the grenade rather than just the top. 

Although it reduces the overall amount of time the grenade will release smoke (to about 20 seconds or so), it means a lot more smoke can come out a lot quicker, producing a decent plume to take cover behind in a fraction of the time. .

As can be seen in the video above, the plume produced by the WP40 is decently sized and quite thick, producing an excellent cover that’s ideal for  smaller skirmishes and events. 

It also comes in a wide variety of colors (red, blue, green, purple, white, black, orange, pink and yellow).

If you’re looking to conceal your team, then you can pick a color that best matches your preferences or the color of your loadouts- no sense in using white smoke if your teammates are dressed primarily in black.

The Enola Gaye Burst Smoke Grenades are well made and fairly durable, and it is pretty easy to use – remove the cap at the top, pull the wire, and set it down…a plume will follow shortly. 

Even better, they are partially water resistant, so you can take a couple out in wet conditions without too much trouble. 

In terms of price, the Burst grenades are pretty cheap – at around $8.00 or so you won’t be too worried about popping smoke more regularly with these.

On the downside, the Enola Gaye Burst Wire Pulls aren’t the most realistic smoke grenades out there. 

Compact and covered in bright lettering, they tend to look more like fireworks than mil spec gear. Although probably not a problem for most airsoft users, milsimmers and those looking for realism in their loadout may have an issue with it.

Similarly, while they produce a decent and thick plume of smoke quickly, they are pretty small canisters and so those looking to cover a larger area or those participating in larger events will probably want to step up to a larger and more expensive model. 

All told, however, the Enola Gaye Burst series are excellent quick-release airsoft smoke grenades.

They perform well, are compact and easy to carry, are easy to use and are extremely reliable. More than that, they are also affordable enough that you can reasonably use them repeatedly in events without breaking the bank.

Best High Output Smoke Grenade – Enola Gaye MIL-X 

Price 💲💲
Cost Per Throw💲💲💲
Build Quality⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Good thick smoke Expensive
Large plume producedSome restrictions on purchase, shipping and use
Lasts about a minute
7 different colors available
Easy to use
Spoon-ignition adds to realism, timing
Very realistic looking

If you need a lot of smoke cover and you need it now, then you’ll probably want to reach for a high output smoke grenade like the Enola Gaye Mil-X. 

Externally, the Mil-X looks and feels almost exactly like a US Army-standard M18, and as a testament to its realism, this model of Enola Gaye smoke grenade is actually fairly commonly used by the LE simulation and training community. 

It also uses a realistic spoon-type head and metal pin, so its handling is nearly identical to a law enforcement or military-style smoke grenade, which is good news for milsimmers. 

It’s also quite easy to use – simply pop the pin and release the spoon to set it off. 

The spoon ignition is actually quite useful for more casual players compared to a pull string.

  With this setup, you can pop the pin and hold the grenade if you need to- you’re not committed the second you pull the pin, which gives players more flexibility and breathing room when making real-time decisions.

But for most airsofters, the Mil-X has more going for it than just its good looks and handling.

As a high output grenade, it performs very well, producing a huge plume of thick, concealing smoke in a matter of seconds. 

And once it goes off, the Mil-X should continue to produce smoke for between forty-five to sixty seconds, ultimately putting out about 75, 000 cubic feet. 

The Mil-X is available in seven different colors (Black, blue, green, red, purple,  orange and white). 

These colors are bright and vibrant, making it much harder to see anything inside the cloud while allowing the cloud to be seen from a long way away. 

So, if you’re using the Mil-X to cover an advance or to act as a signal, it won’t let you down.

On the downside, at around $25 the Mil-X isn’t exactly cheap to buy, especially considering it is a one-time use device.

It’s also classified as a pyrotechnic, so not all fields will allow them and there are some restrictions on shipping and delivery when buying one.  

Still, we can’t say you don’t get quality for your money. If you need cover, and a lot of it, Enola Gaye’s Mil-X can be a great option that looks and plays like the real thing and really has few competitors in the civilian airsoft space.

Types of Airsoft Grenades & Things to Look For

When considering an airsoft grenade, it is important to realize that there are a few kinds out there that do different things. 

As with anything else in life, it can be very important to pick the right tool for the job.

Dummy Grenades

The most basic, simple and cheap option out there. 

No boom, no bloom (of smoke), no BBs – just a somewhat solid object you can toss around.

But don’t let the simplicity of these turn you off, they’re cheaper and easier to use than any other type of airsoft grenade and they’re reusable.

They can also be great for practicing your throw, as a wall hanger and for backyard games. 

There’s not much to worry about with these in terms of quality, as they tend to essentially be weighted bits of rubber or plastic. With dummies, however, you do have to be sure everyone’s in agreement on the rules, particularly how big the blast radius is, what happens if you’re hit, and so on. 

Sonic/Blank Firing Grenades

Blank firing grenades use some sort of contained charge (such as a CO2 canister or even a blank firearm round) to produce a whole lot of sound.

Generally used as a distraction or room clearing device, due to the lack of BBs they hurl out, blank firing grenades can be used as an impromptu airsoft flashbang. 

Due to their action, they are most often reusable, with sturdy externals and a swappable core.

With these, we tend to look for a strong and intimidating bang and a sturdy, reusable shell that won’t break after a couple games. 

BB Spraying Airsoft Frag Grenades

These are pretty self-explanatory. 

They’re airsoft grenades that spray out BBs or other relatively safe projectiles (such as peas) when they go off.

They are to airsoft what fragmentation grenades are to police and military – a way of hitting a radius of targets with a single thrown object. 

A more offensive airsoft grenade, airsoft frag grenades make it a lot easier to tell who’s been hit and who hasn’t.

They are generally reusable and, with a few exceptions, are mostly gas powered (green or CO2). 

With these we tend to look for a more sturdy shell, an easy to use trigger, the ability to hold a fair number of BBs (100+) and a good, 360 degree dispersion so there’s nowhere to hide. 

Smoke Grenades And Other Pyrotechnics

Airsoft pyrotechnic grenades usually have some kind of fuse that sets off some kind of chemical content, such as chemical smoke.

These are more of a class of grenade than anything else and can be actual smoke grenades or flashbangs

These are often the most desired airsoft grenade, due to the fact that they can produce some pretty impressive and realistic outcomes, but also tend to be the most restricted in terms of laws and field rules for obvious reasons. 

They are also usually one time use and can be quite expensive to purchase.

Airsoft Grenades and Airsoft Field Rules

One thing to keep in mind is that even though you may have a decent collection of really cool airsoft grenades, that doesn’t mean that you can always bring them to a game with you.

Some airsoft fields, for example, only allow players to use grenades that they have bought on site. 

Aside from being an additional source of income for the owners, many fields have had bad experiences with players “tweaking” otherwise safe airsoft grenades and causing injuries and with players bringing their own, improvised grenades and creating an unsafe environment.

Other fields may allow users to bring their own but place restrictions on the types allowed on the field. 

For example, airsoft fields located in arid areas with lots of vegetation that can catch fire tend to ban hot burning smoke grenades. 

Due to the presence of…spirited…airsoft players and the risk of another player getting hit in the head by a 1 lb. aluminum can, another common restriction many fields place on grenade use is making users roll, rather than throw, them.

Finally, it is important to note that quite a few fields ban the use of airsoft grenades altogether and violation of these rules can and will get you ejected and banned from the site.

Keep in mind that different fields have different rules concerning the use of airsoft grenades and it is always important to make sure you familiarize yourself with the specifics before showing up all kitted out and ready to be disappointed. 

If you live in an area where airsoft fields ban the use of airsoft grenades and still want to give them a try, save them for a friendly backyard or casual skirmish with your friends.

Making the Most out of Airsoft Grenades in Game

Finally, we present a few last hints to help you get the most out of your new airsoft grenade.

Always be aware of your surroundings 

Before you deploy a grenade, take a minute to look at where you want it to go, making sure there’s nothing in the path of your throw or roll that can cause it to ricochet uncontrollably or, maybe worse, back at you.

This also includes making sure the area you intend to chuck the grenade into is appropriate. 

If you want to throw out a BB frag grenade but there is a lot of cover or objects around your targets, your opponents can more easily take cover and you’ll be out a grenade. 

Similarly, if you want to deploy a smoke grenade but the wind is picking up you might lose your cover and be exposed a lot sooner than you think…or worse, your smoke may blow back into you and your teammates’ faces.  

Alert Your Teammates

If you’re playing with a team, make sure you communicate that you’re about to deploy grenades so they will be ready for what’s coming and won’t get in the way. 

If you’re rolling out a BB shower grenade, this can help make sure no teammates are in the blast zone.

Similarly, if you’re about to pop smoke, make sure your allies know what’s going on to prevent startle-related friendly fire. 

Learn to set traps

Airsoft grenades can make very effective traps if you have a bit of time and are feeling clever. 

A bit of wire, strung tight and tied to the pin, can turn any airsoft grenade into a very handy tripwire trap. 

If you’re a sniper, a tripwire trap set up behind you can dissuade anyone looking to creep up on you, for example. 

Bottom Line

Airsoft grenades can be a versatile tool to add to any airsoft loadout. 

While not every airsoft field allows them, where they are permitted they can be a lot of fun to use and add a welcome touch of realism to most games.

David Lewis – A longtime airsoft and airgun enthusiast and collector, our editor David’s lifelong passion for tactical sports began in high school with some friends, a cheap knock-off airsoft M4, and an open field behind his parents’ house.

When he’s not plinking around, he enjoys sharing his knowledge of airsoft and helping those just starting out.