CYMA CM 028 AK47 Review

Size and Weight 91%
Power 92%
Durability and Build Quality 85%
Value for Money 98%
✅ Looks great❌ Polymer furniture
✅ Highly affordable❌ No MOSFET
✅ Pretty realistic style
✅ Easy to handle, use
✅ Easy to upgrade gearbox
✅ Solid performance
✅ Good magazine compatability

The Soviet-era AK47 is one of the most historically significant firearms around, whose iconic design and hardy performance made it a staple of Cold War and insurgent battlefields through the late 20th and early 21st centuries. 

In airsoft, CYMA is one of the better known and respected producers of AK-style replicas and its CM028 Sport is an entry-level AK47 that has become quite popular over the years. 

To find out if this AEG lives up to the fearsome reputation of its real steel inspiration, and to help you figure out if it’s worth your time and money, we decided to take a closer look for ourselves. 


Manufacturer CYMA
Hop Up Adjustable 
Inner Barrel 455mm 
Outer Barrel 14mm CCW threaded 
Total Length34.3 in (870 mm)
Motor22 TPA short type high torque
Weight 6 lbs (2.75 kg)
ConstructionPolymer with some metal furniture and components

How does the Cyma CM028 compare to a real steel AK47?

picture of cyma cm028 being unboxed for review
Cyma CM028Kalashnikov AK47
Weight6 lbs (2.75 kg)9.5lbs (3.8 kg)
Overall length34.25 in (870 mm)34.25 in (870 mm)
Action Select Fire Semi/AutoSelect Fire Semi/Auto
Caliber 6mm7.62×39mm
Capacity400 BBs30 round box
ConstructionPolymer, alloy metalStamped steel, wood 
SightsAdjustable AK-typeAdjustable AK-type

On the whole, the CYMA CM028 is a fair airsoft replica of the legendary AK47.

Visually, the CM028 matches the iconic Kalashnikov pretty closely, with a true to life length, width and height. 

More than that, the gun features all the external features one might find on an AK47, such as a full sized fixed stock, leaf sights, split handguard, chunky metal selector switch, working charging handle…right down to the slightly ventilated gas tube and more.


close up picture showing accuracy of ventilated cyma cm028 ak47 gas tube

The only real issue with this gun, in terms of real steel realism at least, comes from its greater use of plastic (being CYMAs introductory/budget AK) in the receiver and furniture, which drops the gun’s overall weight from 9+ pounds to just over 6, making it feel more like an AR than an AK when it comes to heft. 

In terms of trademarks, there isn’t too much in the way of factory markings on this gun beyond cool-looking Cyrillic selector options, which we always like to see, although (and unlike most other airsoft guns) this shouldn’t be too much of an issue for serious collectors or enthusiasts as Soviet-era AKs weren’t exactly known for their extensive branding. 

close up picture showing cyrillic markings on cyma cm028 airsoft rifle

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Build Quality and Construction

The CYMA CM028 is the company’s entry-level AK47 replica, aimed at airsoft players on a budget or those just dipping their toes into Soviet-style/opfor loadouts but, on the whole, we found it to be pretty well made for the price. 

The gun’s receiver and furniture are made out of plastic, while its dust cover, charging handle, barrel assembly and switches are made out of aluminum alloy. 

This use of plastic extends to the CM028’s stock and handguard, which instead of being made of real wood (as on a real steel AK) are made with a fairly attractive wood grain.

close up picture of cyma cm028 wood grain style plastic furniture

The gun is also available in black plastic (the CM028A model), but we feel that if you’re really going for an AK47 airsoft loadout, wood (even imitation) is best.

While not exactly quite as tanky as some of CYMAs upper-end AKs, such as the largely metal CM046 Standard or LCT’s more premium steel options, the CM028’s plastic parts are made out of reinforced polymer and are pretty durable and, barring any catastrophic accidents, should stand up well enough to day to day gameplay in our opinion.

We found the build quality of the gun to be pretty solid, as well, with the gun’s charging handle drawing back and returning smoothly, the selector switch secured tightly to the body and dropping into position with a satisfying clunk, and the overall frame lacking any undue rattling or clattering other than the typical (for an AK47 replica) slight wobble found near the split handguards and magazines. 

As the gun is based on a weapon designed in the late 1940s, there aren’t a ton of ready accessory areas available, such as the side dovetails that are found on later model AK replicas.

As a result, this really isn’t going to be a gun you’ll be able to easily tacticool-ize with optics, grips or flashlights. 

Interestingly, the gun does come with a threaded outer barrel, which makes it easy to attach a mock suppressor or tracer unit, and it is 14mm CCW, which means you won’t have to splurge on an adaptor like you might with rival AK airsoft guns. 

On the inside, the CYMA CM028 sports a fully TM-compatible reinforced V3 gearbox.

close up picture of opened cyma cm028 gearbox to show internals

The gearbox contains 18:1 steel gears, a single metal-toothed piston with decent airseal, a standard 22K TPA short type motor (located in the grip) and fires through a standard CYMA slider-style adjustable hop up (easily capable of spinning and lifting 0.25-0.30s without an issue) and a well-finished brass barrel. 

close up picture of sliding hop up found inside cyma cm028 ak47 airsoft gun

We should note that the CM028 doesn’t come with a MOSFET, however, and so is best used with the recommended 9.6V NiMH. 

While you can get away with a 7.4V LiPo, anything more (such as an 11.1V) risks scorching the trigger contacts. 

While perhaps not the most sophisticated gearbox in the CYMA line, the CM028’s mechanics are decent enough for an entry level gun and, importantly, are fully upgradable and customizable using the myriad of V3 parts out there, which is good news for tinkerers and those who want a gun that can grow with their skill level. 

Finally, as with other fixed stock AKs, the CYMA CM028 AK47’s battery compartment is located in the gun’s butt, which means that it should have plenty of room to accommodate most battery types – a distinct advantage over collapsable stock AKs, which keep them under the relatively cramped dust cover. 

Performance and Accuracy

Performance-wise, the CYMA CM028 is a pretty decent airsoft AK47 choice in our opinion. 

Using 0.20g BBs and a 9.6V battery, we saw the CM028 chrono at around 380 FPS.

Although perhaps not the most powerful gun out there, this makes it a well-balanced choice that lets it keep up more premium-priced primaries while still being usable on indoor and CQB fields. 

Set to automatic and on a NiMH battery, the gun gets around 13-14 RPS, which, while not particularly anything to write home about, does keep it competitive with most other select fire non-LiPO AK47 and AR models out there. 

In addition, thanks to its well-finished barrel, decent gearbox and adjustable hop up, the CM028 is pretty accurate – it is capable of hitting torso-sized targets to 150 feet (45 m) or so without much issue and groups pretty nicely for an airsoft gun at 50-70 feet…even without optics. 

Handling and Feel

Unlike most other AK airsoft guns out there, and even many of the more premium models offered by CYMA, the CM028 is actually pretty easy and comfortable to handle. 

The reason for this is, oddly enough, the CM028’s largely plastic receiver and furniture, the gun is about 2-3 lbs lighter than a typical full metal AK47 replica, even those made with alloy rather than steel, which makes it much easier to haul around during longer game play. 

This is especially true as, like most AK-style guns, most of the weight is located in the center of the gun’s frame anyway, which makes it fairly simple to maneuver around with and shift from target to target. 

Beyond this, and thanks to its faithful design, the CM028 pretty much handles like a typical AK47 – that is to say, a rifle with all the attention to ergonomics an early mid-20th century battle rifle from a Soviet factory would have been expected to provide.

The gun’s grips and split handguard are period-correct and, while comfortable enough, aren’t textured, grippy or even really molded for comfort beyond a simple (and slightly angular) curve and so can get a little slippery if/when the gun gets wet.

As an AK47, the gun also takes a somewhat Soviet approach to ambidexterity – that is, it’s mostly right handed and you are expected to deal with it.

While the gun’s mag release is ambidextrous, everything else (charging handle, sling mounts and selector) are intended for right handed users. 

Magazine type and capacity

The CYMA CM028 comes with a metal 400-round, sickle-style hi cap magazine that is period-correct, seats pretty well (typical hi cap rattle aside) and loads fairly reliably. 

The gun does have excellent mag compatibility, however, and in our experience readily accepts a wide array of AK mags, including those from other companies such as Tokyo Marui, LCT and G&G. 

Not only can this help reduce the running cost of the gun in the long run, but it also means users have access to a wider array of options, including higher capacity mags, midcaps and, of course, bakelites. 


Note: Prices correct as of writing, all prices in USD. 

An entry-level airsoft gun, the CYMA CM028 typically comes in at under $150, which isn’t too bad for a potential primary option.

At this price, the gun is considerably less expensive than most other decent quality AK47 options out there, including those by LCT, Tokyo Marui and even CYMA’s full metal and wood Standard models, which can cost around $100 more depending on where you buy them. 

And the CYMA is good value for money, too, in our opinion. 

It is, after all, an accurately designed, historically significant airsoft gun with solid performance, decent accuracy, good build quality and contains internals that lend themselves to future upgrades, if so desired. 

 CYMA CM028 Pros and Cons


Very affordable

Typically sold for under $150, the CYMA CM028 is an AK-style airsoft gun that can serve as a capable primary but won’t break the bank. 

Realistic AK47 design

The CYMA CM028’s externals match those of a real steel AK47 pretty closely, giving users a cool and historically relevant airsoft design for a budget price. 

Easy to handle and use

Well-balanced and weighing up to 3 lbs less than full metal alternatives, the CYMA CM028 AK47 is actually pretty easy to hold and handle over the course of a game, not being terribly different to maneuver around with than an M4 variant. 

Solid out of the box performance

Chronoing at around 380 FPS and hitting targets to 150 feet or so without much issue, the CYMA CM028 offers users solid out of the box performance that should let them easily keep up with some of the bigger (and more expensive) boys on the field. 

Very upgradable 

With its frame and furniture matching the dimensions of an AK47 pretty well and its internals pretty much V3 standard, the CYMA CM028 can enjoy a wide range of aesthetic and/or functional upgrades, including wood furniture swaps, full metal cylinders, tightbore barrels, high performance buckings and more.  


All plastic construction 

Unlike some other, more expensive AKs out there, the CYMA CM028 lacks the full wood furniture and full metal/steel construction that would make it feel a little more like a real steel AK47. 


While the CM028’s gearbox is pretty decent and upgradable, it lacks a MOSFET out of the box, which does limit the kinds of batteries it can use without risking damage in the long run.

Bottom Line

With its realistic design, good handling characteristics, affordable price and capable on-field performance, the CYMA CM028 is a great option for those on a budget or just starting their Kalashnikov journey.

Ted Clark– Hailing from Florida, Ted has been an avid airsoft enthusiast since he was in middle school. When he’s not checking out and reviewing airsoft guns, he enjoys picking off his enemies one by one on the field as a sniper.