Best Airsoft Glocks

The Glock pistol is rather affectionately known as America’s handgun (even if they are Austrian).

Glocks are often the sidearm of choice for police and military forces around the world, and with their frequent appearances in songs, movies, television shows and video games they are, perhaps even more so than the 1911, the most well-known pistols around.

As a result, it is perhaps not very surprising that there is quite a bit of desire for Glocks in the airsoft world, with many enthusiasts interested in adding one of these sleek, boxy semi-autos to their loadout or collections.

If you feel that an airsoft Glock is right for you and you feel a little bit lost with all the numbered variants and airsoft replicas out there, then read on as we offer our picks for the best airsoft Glocks on the market.

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What We Look For In An Airsoft Glock

Authentic look and dimensions

Love them or hate them, by and large Glocks tend to have a pretty distinct, boxy look to them that immediately mark them out (at least to those in the know) as a Glock. 

Their streamlined and boxy modern shape, low profile sights and wide-set slide serrations are all classic hallmarks and are things that we want to see reproduced in our airsoft replicas. 

Similarly, there are over 50 different models of Glock out there and they tend to each have their own specific length, height and weight. 

When it comes to airsoft at least, many times these physical differences are what separate one Glock from another (the internals between replica models being very similar) and so they are something we tend to be a little more picky about than with other real steel firearms.  

Overall build quality

Glock pistols became famous largely due to their (at the time) modern and forward thinking construction, combining nylon-reinforced Polymer 2 frames that reduced their weight with traditional steel barrels and slides.

While we normally like to see full metal airsoft builds, particularly when it comes to gas pistols, it is important in this case to replicate the original construction as much as possible and so we prefer to see our airsoft Glocks made of strong plastic frames and some at least kind of durable aluminum slide.

While this shouldn’t exactly be a high bar to meet, given that many airsoft guns out combine the use of reinforced polymer and metal, there are some models that (for one reason or another) include plastic slides on plastic frames. 


Power is a tricky thing when it comes to airsoft pistols. 

Sure, we all love a good high FPS blaster, but airsoft pistols are often used as a secondary option or even a primary in CQB or indoor games. 

This can be especially true of airsoft Glocks, where many users are attracted to them due to their popularity with police and military forces as backups. 

In our opinion a good airsoft Glock should be powerful enough to be used in outdoor games if necessary but should also be indoor and CQB-legal. 

As a result, we tend to look for those in the 300-350 FPS range, which should slide comfortably under nearly all field restrictions. 

Adjustable Hop Up

It should go without saying that an airsoft Glock should actually be able to hit something past 30 feet (10 m), so a good hop up is necessary. 

While fixed hop ups are common in cheaper airsoft pistols *and will do in a pinch), we strongly prefer those with adjustable hop ups, which can go a long way in keeping things accurate at distance. 


Glocks are actually supposed to be pretty comfortable to hold. 

They are lightweight, easy to maneuver around with and often come with nice grips and/or finger grooves that let you get a solid hold of them even when things get a little wet or when wearing gloves. 

They also tend to have those well-known Glock low-profile/white outlined sights that, although usually fixed, do make it easy to get a bead on low-contrast targets or those hanging around in low-light conditions.

close up picture showing low profile of umarex glock 19x rear sights

In addition, they tend to have decently serrated rear slides that allow users to get a firm grip on them when racking, especially with gloves. 

These are all features that we specifically look for in any Glock model we look at, and actually tend to be good qualities for any airsoft pistol. 

Nice to Haves:

While we do look for certain things with our airsoft Glocks, there are some features that aren’t strictly necessary for performance or overall realism but are very welcome and enjoyable to have. 

Authentic Trademarks

Trademarks are a tricky thing in airsoft, with most companies preferring to license out their valuable intellectual property and branding to one company, which can make it tricky to find a good quality, officially licensed airsoft replica.

That said, having all the proper trademarks can be a nice feature for collectors and those interested in maximizing the realism of their milsim experience. 

close up  picture of airsoft glock model showing official licensing and glock logo

It can also be a lot of fun to flash your authentic Glock trademarks to other airsoft players. 

Gas Flexibility

When it comes to airsoft gas pistols, the debate between green gas and CO2 seems never ending.

As the difference in performance between indoor- and slide-friendly green gas and higher pressure CO2 can be quite stark, we do like the added flexibility of a gun that has the option of running either gas. 

Our Picks

Best Full-Size Glock – Umarex Glock 17 Gen 5

picture of airsoft glock 17 gen 5
Build Quality⭐⭐⭐⭐
Parts and mag compatibility⭐⭐⭐⭐
Fully licensed with 1:1 realismNon-threaded barrel
Good all around power and performanceTakes Umarex Glock mags
Comfortable to hold and use
Front-adjusting hop up
Good blowback
Good accuracy
Decent gas efficiency
Reinforced internals

If you’re looking for a full-sized, 9mm Glock replica to take to the field then you’re probably learning towards the granddaddy of them all, the Glock 17. 

And if that’s the case, then you’ll probably want to check out the Umarex Glock 17 Gen 5, their latest take on the G17.

The gun is an officially licensed replica, so it sports a lot of authentic Glock trades, including a Glock 17 Gen 5 etched into the slide and a more discrete licensing statement on the grip. 

It’s also built pretty similarly to the real steel version, using sturdy nylon-reinforced polymer for the frame and adding a pretty high quality aluminum alloy slide. 

More than that, Umarex has done a good job at making this airsoft gun a 1:1 replica of the real steel duty pistol, including adding all the Gen 5 details that makes this model stand out from previous generations, such as a beveled front end, straighter grip, and so on.

In terms of airsoft user, Umarex has taken things a step further with the G17 Gen 5 compared to the Gen 4 by expanding its vents a bit for better blowback and adding a much more user-friendly front-accessible hop up adjustment port. 

Like most Glocks in the Umarex line up, this gun also comes with an undermount rail, which makes it easy to add flashlights and other pistol accessories. 

Its outer barrel is not threaded, however, so adding suppressors and tracer units will require a replacement or modification.

Inside, the pistol is pretty solid with a number of reinforced parts to help the gun stand up to long term use, including dual recoil springs, an improved valve system and metal reinforcements along the slide. 

In terms of performance, the Umarex Glock 17 Gen 5 is a good all-arounder, with a mid-300 FPS that will let it be usable in pretty much any field, either as a sidearm or primary, and is decently accurate, hitting targets to about 100 feet (30m) without much issue.

When it comes to handling, the gun is a hair under 8 inches long, which makes it slightly more compact than a typical 9mm-style airsoft pistol but still beefy enough to be taken seriously by opponents.

The gun is pretty lightweight in hand and its slightly shorter profile and smooth Glock build lets it be drawn a bit more smoothly from a holster than a traditional 1911-pistol.

On the whole, we believe the Umarex Glock 17 Gen 5 is an excellent example of a full sized airsoft G17. 

Although its $180 price is a bit on the premium side, for your money you do get a solidly made, well-designed, easy to handle and well-performing full-size airsoft Glock.  

Check out our in-depth review for more detailed information on the Umarex G17 Gen 5. 



Best CQB-oriented Glock – Umarex Glock 19X

picture of airsoft umarex glock 19x in box, propped up
Build Quality⭐⭐⭐⭐
Parts and mag compatibility⭐⭐⭐⭐
Good midsize, tactical GlockNon-threaded barrel
Well-balanced power and performanceMags aren’t all that cross-compatible
Comfortable to hold and use
Easy to-adjust hop up
Great blowback
Good accuracy
Decent gas efficiency
Lots of aftermarket parts and upgrades

The Glock 19X is something of blend of the Glock 19 and 17 that fills a tactical niche in the Glock world, being fairly compact and well-suited to CQB yet still substantial and powerful enough to feel at home in any situation. 

If this sounds like what you’re looking for in your next airsoft loadout, then you should check out Umarex’s Glock 19X gas blowback airsoft pistol.

The Umarex Glock 19X is an officially licensed airsoft gun, sporting 1:1 G19X dimensions and is made of a similar, durable polymer/metal construction that should let it stand up to most of what an airsoft field can throw at it.

It is based on the 5th generation 19X, so sports a straight grip, beveled front, improved blowback action and a front-accessible hop up that makes on-the-spot adjustments quite easy.

It also comes in a two-tone Coyote Tan, which we think is pretty cool although admit might not be to everyone’s taste.

As with most Glocks in the Umarex line, the gun comes with a fairly useful undermount rail, which is good for adding pistol accessories, but lacks the stock barrel threading that would make it easy to add suppressors and tracer units, which is somewhat unfortunate.

Inside, the gun is pretty well built as well. 

It features a good deal of alloy and steel reinforcement, thick dual recoil springs, widened vents and more, and so should stand up to typical use for some time. 

When it comes to power, the gun hits around 330-340 FPS on 0.20g BBs on green gas.

Although no powerhouse, it is well-suited to tactical role, as it is powerful enough for outdoor games but is capable of sliding in under any indoor or CQB FPS limits, as well.

In terms of handling, the 19X is about half an inch shorter than its bigger brother the G17 and a little larger than the Glock 19 compact. 

Combined with its light, boxy and streamlined frame, the gun is very easy to handle, point from target to target, and draw from a holster or vest without snagging, all definite pros when it comes to a CQB airsoft sidearm.

Pricewise, the Umarex Glock 19X comes in around $180, depending on retailer, which is a bit more on the premium side of things.

That said, like the 17, it does provide a lot of value for the money, offering users a solid tactical gas airsoft pistol that is durable, accurate, well-balanced and easier to carry than a full-size option.

Check out our in-depth review for more detailed information on the Umarex Glock 19X.



Best Full Auto Glock – Umarex glock 18C

picture of umarex glock 18c
Build Quality⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Parts and mag compatibility⭐⭐⭐⭐
Easy to carry and holdNon-threaded barrel
Select fire Automatic fire can strain parts if used excessively over time
High rate of fire on auto
Officially licensed by Glock
Snappy blowback
Good accuracy
Pretty accurate
Aftermarket parts and upgrades available

If you like the look and feel of a Glock but want something that’s also automatic capable, then the legendary Glock 18C might be just what you’re looking for.

And while the real steel model is a restricted firearm in the US, airsofters can rejoice (and perhaps even be a bit smug) at the fact that they can actually get their hands on a replica without a lot of red tape or potential jail time. 

As with the other Umarex Glockson this list, this is an officially licensed airsoft replica, and so features tons of Glock trademarks, an accurate nylon-reinforced polymer/metal build, and true-to-life Glock 18C dimensions. 

The gun even comes with cool looking vents along the top of the slide that, while not all the functional in airsoft, do look pretty cool and provide the Glock with an unusually aggressive and distinct look. 

As with other Umarex Glocks, the gun comes with a lower rail but no stock barrel threading, so adding accessories is a bit of a mixed bag.

Inside, the gun is pretty well reinforced and is a typical Umarex Glock, with dual recoil springs, strong hammer and a good deal of metal around the slide – all good things when it comes to a select fire airsoft pistol. 

In terms of power, the Umarex 18C isn’t exactly a powerhouse, chorno’ing at around 300 FPS or so using 0.20g BBs on green gas, but it does make it able to be used in pretty much all fields regardless of FPS limits, which is always nice for a sidearm.

But power alone isn’t really why airsoft users turn to the Glock 18C. 

Unlike other Glocks in the Umarex range, the 18C is a select fire pistol that can be set to automatic with the turn of a fairly chunky dial-like switch.

Doing so actually delivers very impressive results, with the Umarex capable of firing off BBs with an RPS in the 20s and dumping its 50 round mag in a couple seconds.

This is far better than most other select fire airsoft pistols and even lets the gun outperform many airsoft SMG AEGs in a test of pure rate of fire, which is kind of amusing. 

Handling-wise, the Glock 18C is a little bigger than a Glock 17, and is modeled after a Gen 4 Glock.

It has finger grooves with ample stippling, rather than a straight grip, which can provide excellent grip for those with average to slightly-larger-than-average hands in all weather conditions.

That said, as the select fire switch is located on the rear of the slide, it can get in the way a little when it comes to racking, which can be slightly annoying at times. 

Finally, when it comes to price, the Umarex Glock 18C is a little bit more expensive than some of siblings, usually coming in at just under $200, which is to be expected due to its rarity and automatic-capable fire. 

Overall, however, it is a well-made and potentially blazing-fast airsoft sidearm that can be a useful Glock for any load out and a wild ride in general. 

Check out our in-depth review of the Umarex Glock 18C for more information.



Best Compact Model – Umarex Glock 42

picture of umarex glock 42
Build Quality⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Power⭐⭐⭐ 1/2
Parts and mag compatibility⭐⭐⭐1/2
Small and easy to carryNo rail or threading
Lightweight and slimProprietary G42 mags
Very durable for its size
Surprisingly accurate
Crisp blowback action
Adjustable hop up

If you’re looking for a super easy to carry, super compact airsoft Glock, then the Elite Force/Umarex Glock 42 might just be the model for you.

Modeled after the smallest Glock around, the sub-compact 42, the Umarex’s overall size is just under 6 inches that, combined with its streamlined Glock frame, makes it very easy to store and draw from…well, anywhere.

Yet, although small, the Umarex Glock 42 is quite well-built.

It is made of the same nylon-reinforced plastic/metal build that the larger Glocks in the Umarex line are made of, so it can take a bit of abuse, and it does come with all the trades you might expect of an airsoft Glock, including a rather distinctive “.380 auto” etched on its side. 

Inside, the gun is a pretty standard Umarex Glock and is built fairly solidly, with abundant metal reinforcements, an adjustable hop up and shock absorption. 

Unlike other Glocks in the Umarex range, however, there are no rails or threading to this airsoft pistol, and it is pretty much WYSIWYG.

That said, it is designed to be a subcompact and adding barrel accessories or flashlights to it would be a bit beside the point.

In terms of power, the 42 clocks in at around 260 FPS on green gas and hits pretty accurately up to about 65-70 feet or so with little effort. 

Although it’s nobody’s idea of a FPS monster or a sniper’s delight, it does serve its purpose well as a CQB or close-in backup as its lower power will slide under pretty much any field limits or stricter minimum engagement distances you may encounter.

Handling-wise, the Umarex G42 is thinner and smaller than most other Glocks in their line up, and is very comfortable for those with average to smaller-than-average hands. 

Its build quality and use of internal reinforcement does, however, lend it some solidity when handled, which allows it to avoid feeling like a toy.

As a downside, the unique profile of the Umarex Glock 42 means that it does require proprietary mags. 

The gun comes with a rather small 9 round magazine that can be swapped out for a 14 rounder, but by and large the gun’s slimmer mag well will not accommodate the many options available for Umarex Glocks.

Pricewise, however, the Umarex Glock 42 is a little more affordable than other Umarex Glocks, coming in at around $170 or so.

Overall, then, the gun is very well made for a subcompact airsoft pistol, and it does fill an important role in the airsoft Glock world, giving users a solid, usable and very easily concealed/stored sidearm that they can take pretty much anywhere. 

Check out our in-depth review of the Umarex Glock 42 for more detailed information.



Most Intimidating – Umarex Glock 34

picture of umarex glock 34
Build Quality⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Parts and mag compatibility⭐⭐⭐⭐
Larger, more intimidating Glock modelUnthreaded barrel
Lightweight, durable buildA little more expensive than other Umarex Glocks
Well-balanced, all-around power
Lots of Glock trademarks
Easy to adjust hop up
Crisp blowback action
Decent gas efficiency

If, on the other hand, you’re in the market for something that will intimidate your opponents a bit more than a standard airsoft pistol, then the Umarex Glock 34 will probably be just up your alley.

At well over 8 inches long (213mm) and sporting a distinctive elongated slide, it is definitely a big boy Glock, being in the largest in the Glock range and around the same length as a standard Hi-Cappa, M9 or 1911 clone. 

At the same time, the 34 Deluxe maintains its lightweight, streamlined and simple Glock style, which makes it much more easily drawn and handled in close quarters than these other options. 

Like the other Umarex models on this list, it is officially licensed and trademarked, a 1:1 replica of the real steel version, and made of a very durable, nylon-reinforced plastic/metal combination that should let it take most of what an airsoft game can throw at it.

In fact, the gun’s slide is actually made of a higher-quality CNC-milled aluminum alloy than other Umarex slides, which is an interesting and welcome touch.

In terms of power, the gun is a decent and well-balanced airsoft pistol. 

It chronos around the mid-300s using 0.20g, so it is quite usable indoors and out, and can support green gas or CO2 pretty well thanks to its reinforced internals, which is a definite plus.

In addition, it is also pretty accurate, being capable of hitting targets pretty reliably past 100 feet or so without much issue.

In terms of handling, the gun is pretty lightweight despite its increased size and is modeled after a Gen 4, so it comes with nice finger grooves that are perfect for those with average to slightly-larger-than-average hands. 

That said, unlike other Gen 4 airsoft Glocks, it comes with a couple optional backstraps, which can make the gun a bit more amenable to those with significantly larger or smaller hands, which is a nice touch.

Despite its increased size, however, the Umarex Glock 34 retains its general mag compatibility, which is always appreciated, and it can accept most MOS Glock mags on the market. 

Unfortunately, all this gun doesn’t come cheap. 

The Umarex Glock 34 is one of the more pricey Glocks out there. 

Coming in at around $250 or so, it is definitely on the premium end of the airsoft market for a Glock (and pistols in general).

That said, the gun does offer quite a bit of value, with a higher quality CNC-milled slide, reinforced intermals, smooth action, good all-around performance and aggressive looks, it is a model that will definitely stand out even among other airsoft Glocks. 

Check out our in-depth review of the Umarex Glock 34 for more information.



Coolest Modern Take on Glock – WE Tech Galaxy G

picture of we tech galaxy g
Realism⭐⭐⭐ 1/2
Build Quality⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Parts and mag compatibility⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Very modern, cool designNot the greatest blowback
Very well-built, durable Hop up not as easy to adjust as some other Glocks
Good, balanced power
Select fire
Good rate of fire
Accurate, very stable when fired
Good gas efficiency

If you want that Glock feel but want to stand out a bit more or want something a bit more unusual, then WE Tech’s ray-gun looking Galaxy G just might be worth a look.

Something of a blend between a Glock and a Mark 4 Ruger, the WE Galaxy G makes use of a Glock frame with a rather interesting and unique upper receiver made of a single piece of CNC-machined aluminum alloy in place of a traditional slide. 

This receiver houses a rear-drawn cylindrical bolt design that is designed to keep vibration and blowback to minimum, which in turn is intended to keep your BBs more on course. 

The gun also comes with a good deal of room for accessories, including optional top and bottom rails and a 14mm negatively threaded barrel.

With both rails attached, the gun actually looks a lot more like a sci-fi blaster than a traditional pistol, something that is helped along by the gun’s pretty cool fiber optic front posts. 

On the inside, the gun is also built to last. 

Its internals are heavily reinforced with a good deal of metal, it has sturdy recoil springs and a steel (rather than alloy or even full aluminum) hammer, which allows the gun to be fully functional and reliable on green gas or CO2, something we always consider a distinct positive. 

Sadly, WE Tech did go with a screw-type hop up rather than a more typical and useful rotary version, which makes it a little more cumbersome to adjust on the fly. 

 In terms of power, on green gas we saw the gun get around 300 FPS, while it reached a good 340 FPS or so on CO2. 

While certainly no FPS monster, it does make for a good all-arounder that shouldn’t be excluded due to stringent field limits. 

The gun is also a select fire, which is kind of fun, and although not quite as quick as the Umarex Glock 18C, we saw it deliver a solid 21 RPS, which is more than decent and about on part with a number of SMGs.

When it comes to handling, the gun is based around a Glock Gen 4 frame, which means it comes with the typical Glock finger grooves that make it fairly easy for most users to hold in all conditions, while the bolt’s rear wings make racking the gun quite user-friendly. 

That said, unlike the 18C, the select fire switch on the WE Tech is a bit more awkwardly located, being located under the charging handle. 

That said, coming in typically around $140-150, it is one of the more affordable airsoft Glocks out there, and for the price you do get a pretty well-built and reliable space age-style airsoft pistol with select-fire capability, which isn’t bad at all.

Check out our in-depth review of the WE Tech Galaxy G for more information.



Advantages of Airsoft Glocks

Not Another 1911 Clone

A big selling point of having an airsoft Glock in your loadout is simply that it’s not another hi-cappa or 1911 clone.

A Glock, particularly one of the more unusual variants, can therefore be a great way to stand out a bit more on the field and can be something of an fun eye catcher in a collection.

Glocks look cool, have a lot of history behind them

A Glock tends to be defined by its streamlined boxy looks, especially when compared to pistols with lots of various accouterments such as bulky switches, beaver tails, enlarged hammers and so on. 

Although not particularly fanciful, they do have a strong form-over-function appeal for many people, something helped out quite a bit due to their extensive appearances and references across popular media. 

For airsofters who are also firearms or military enthusiasts, Glocks also have a rather interesting history, being one of the first popular polymer framed guns and being the pistol of choice for a number of well-known military and police units, such as US Special Forces, Navy SEALS, the FBI, the British Armed Forces and so on. 

Lightweight and easy to handle airsoft pistols

Due to their construction, airsoft Glocks tend to be a little more lightweight than a typical 1911 or Beretta replica, and their simple design tends to have a lot fewer things jutting out from their frames, which can be ideal for CQB and/or drawing from a vest.   

Lots of variants for pretty much any purpose

There are tons of Glocks models out there and many of the more famous ones have been replicated for airsoft use. 

There are, for example, compacts, sub-compacts, full sized duty models, extended long slides, select fire variants and much more. 

As a result, there can be more out there to suit particular tastes and needs compared to other airsoft pistol options. 

Easy takedown and maintenance

Finally, most Glocks come with little takedown levers that can make doing routine maintenance a lot simpler than models that require users to line up little grooves or notches before separating the slide from the frame.

Potential Disadvantages To Look Out For

Parts aren’t always as commonly found 

There is a downside to not having another 1911 clone and that is that replacement parts and upgrades can be a little to source for airsoft Glocks, comparatively speaking.

Variants sometimes use proprietary parts and components 

Although many airsoft Glocks are more or less interchangeable, with their exterior dimensions being their main difference and/or selling point, some models do have functional differences that can require some proprietary parts (automatic fire for example).

This can make repairing these airsoft guns even harder. 

Further, if the gun has significant dimensional differences (say slimline or subcompact models), they may require totally different magazines, which can raise the cost of ownership quite a bit.

QC can be a bit hit or miss compared to flagship GBBPs

Most airsoft enthusiasts like their 1911s and Hi-Cappas and, although popular, an airsoft Glock can end up taking a back seat in a company’s priorities, which can mean that they don’t spend as much time and effort making sure that each gun is as trouble-free as it can be.

As a result, some airsoft Glocks are prone to quality control issues, particularly double feeding, gas leaks and broken hammers. 

Bottom Line

With their functional looks, lightweight nature, real-life usage and multitude of interesting variants, there really is nothing like a Glock when it comes to modern airsoft loadouts, even if they may not be quite as popular as a classic 1911 or M9. 

When picking one out, in addition to looking for the usual marks of quality and durability, it’s important to keep in mind the relatively wide range of models that are available and to pick a variant that best suits your needs and preferences. 

David Lewis – A longtime airsoft and airgun enthusiast and collector, our editor David’s lifelong passion for tactical sports began in high school with some friends, a cheap knock-off airsoft M4, and an open field behind his parents’ house.

When he’s not plinking around, he enjoys sharing his knowledge of airsoft and helping those just starting out.